What we do

Moore Experiences has been performing many years for a limited number of special events. Recently we decided to go more public with our services.

Moore Experiences is not your ordinary DJ company. We even do not like to use the term DJ, we prefer to call ourselves EJ, Entertainment Jockeys. For our events we provide a full experience, music, lighting, videos, MC and of course dancing. We make your event unique to you and your guests.

Over the years we have been gathering our music selection, which currently is so large we have lost count. Included with all the songs we have collected most music videos from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. The videos have been so much fun to show at our events, we hear often from people attending the events, “I always loved that song but have never seen the video or what the band looked like, it is a fun time.” Or sometimes we hear, “I am not much of a dancer, but I have really enjoyed watching those videos tonight.”

The light show is always a major part of the Moore Experiences. We incorporate lights to help set a fun and exciting mood for the event. We utilize up-lighting to make the room stand out, we setup stage lights to keep the event exciting, and yes we usually set up a mirror ball. We want you and your guests to walk away saying they had a great time attending the event.

We are excited to discuss your event and the Moore Experiences to see if our EJ services are a good fit for your next event.

If interested please check our “Book Your Event” page to see if we are available or send us a message from the “Contact” page.