Quest 4 The Cup

Quest 4 The Cup Music Video

Triple J Lumberjacks NORAD Champions 2021-2022

Championship Players

Sam Downs (Captain)

Hal Jordan (Sponsor)

Bob Colby (Assistant Captain & Y.M.F.P)

Jeff Schmidt (Goalie)

John Arachtingi (Forward)

Ginger Gillings (Forward/Defense)

Mike Gillings (Forward)

Brad Hogan (Defense)

Jason Judge (Defense)

Ken Huisman (Defense/Forward)

Kevin Moore (Defense)

Kirk Moore (Forward)

Ruben Rumbault (Forward)

John Schuepbach (Forward)

John Thien (Forward)

Triple J Lumberjacks
Triple J Lumberjacks back

“Quest 4 the Cup” Original song by Kirk Moore (Written in 2022)

Preformed by Kirk with two K’s Featuring Anders Frykholm

Music Video by Kirk Moore

Photo and Video footage credits: Cheryl Arachtingi, Tamara Moore and Kirk Moore

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